BI Reporting and Analysis

Report from Individual or Consolidated GLs

Keep your QuickBooks standard single account hierarchy, or customize your own hierarchies:

  • Finance
    • No limit on number of account hierarchies
    • Consolidated GL - Multiple company consolidation for any number of QuickBooks companies
  • Sales
    • Customer, Inventory and Class
  • Purchasing
    • Vendor, Inventory and Class


Visualization Tools and Mobile Access

  • Finance - Summary GL views with detailed drill-down, filterable on 15+ key fields
  • Sales - Summary customer, invoice and item views with drill-down to details
  • Purchasing - Summary vendor, PO and item views with drill-down to details


Reporting from the Junction BI™ Repository

In addition to the displays normally regarded as Business Intelligence such as dashboards, drill-downs and BI-software generated graphs, the following common software can be used with the Junction BI™ Repository to develop customized reports:

  • Excel
  • Crystal Reports
  • Other software that reads SQL data


Excel Add-In

Use the Junction BI™ Add-In directly from Excel to:

  • Create worksheet tables or pivot tables
  • Build queries directly from the Excel Ribbon Bar
  • Save and refresh queries for future updates
  • Create SQL queries for other reporting tools


Junction BI™ Comes with Standard Queries for Excel and Other Reporting Tools

Junction BI™ is delivered with standard queries and reports focused on the following areas:

  • Finance – General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Sales – Customer, Invoice, Inventory and Accounts Receivable
  • Purchasing – Vendor, Purchase Orders, Inventory and Payables


Zeus BI Query Assistant image














Above is the Junction BI™ Query Assistant. Use the Query Assistant to tell Junction BI™ how to retrieve your data from the Junction Repository for your report.

For example, highlight "General Ledger" on the left, then in the center specify the time period, then at the right choose the format you want, and finally, click "Create..."

If you choose the format "SQL", the code for the SQL query will be placed on the clipboard. You then paste that code into SQL Server or other software such as Crystal Reports.

Reporting to BI Software

Junction BI™ can be set up to update other BI software automatically, or you can use the built-in Junction BI™ importing functionality.