Junction BI™ Software for QuickBooks

Software product Junction BI™ provides an affordable and easy-to-use tool for users who need to expand their use of QuickBooks data to include additional information and obtain the knowledge - Business Intelligence - to improve profitability.

Junction BI™ provides easy-to-understand analytical Business Intelligence required by management for effective planning, decision-making, measurement and monitoring, a must-have in today’s competitive marketplace.

In summary, Junction BI™:

  • Extracts data from client QuickBooks system(s) in near real time
  • Supports customized consolidation of multiple GLs and legal entities and stores individual consolidated data in a repository
  • Uses extenders to capture/integrate non-QB data, allowing relational analysis across activities (accounting, budget and forecast, customer, payroll, inventory)
  • Provides analytical and what-if analysis capabilities through web browsers, mobile devices or computers via BI visualization tools, drill-down reports or via an Excel Add-In


Junction BI™ for QuickBooks Overview

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is knowledge gained through the access and analysis of business information. According to business analysts, BI software applications provide invaluable, timely and repeatable data analysis that can make companies 3.6 times more profitable by increasing sales per customer, while driving down operational costs by 18%.

The BI process is repeated consistently, and is constantly refined to optimize its results. This yields competitive advantage for the organization in the market and stability in business.

Who is Junction BI™ For?

Small and medium businesses or enterprises who:

  • Use QuickBooks or other ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning systems)
  • Benefit from multiple company consolidation and additional data beyond QuickBooks
    • Junction BI™ consolidates and organizes multiple charts of accounts for accounting, management, tax, XBRL and other reporting. Entities with multiple QuickBooks company databases and those growing by acquisition can consolidate and organize them into one or more master charts of accounts for enhanced multi-company reporting.
    • Junction BI™ extends the reporting capabilities of QuickBooks by enabling the capture of additional data fields and the ability to organize all stored data into custom user defined hierarchical groups (e.g. sales territories, regions, etc.).
  • Seek business knowledge to improve decision-making
  • Want relevant business analysis, trends and management visualization tools
  • Need single or consolidated company planning, budgeting & data modeling
  • Require more timely information
  • Actively seek to monitor unusual activity through alerts and audit logs


Junction BI™ Makes Access to Your QuickBooks Data Fast and Easy

  • Complete access to data - Financial, Sales/Customers, Purchasing/Vendors, Inventory
  • Consolidated Analysis Repository (“CAR”):
    • Extracts data from clients’ QuickBooks in near real time
    • Stores current and historical individual and/or consolidated company data
    • Captures and reports additional information from non-GL application data sources to enhance analysis, business knowledge and decision-making 
  • Reporting and analytical capabilities through a robust BI software engine, delivering continuously updated information through web browsers, mobile devices or computers via visualization tools, flexible reports or an Excel Add-In
  • Drill-down access to your data
  • Consolidated data modeling, analysis and trends - Interfaced with Excel and other standard tools
  • Accounting & questionable practices alerts and audit logs for early detection of problems


About Us

Junction BI™ is a software product of Junction BI, LLC.

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